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Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Representing the 43rd District of California

Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2006

August 6, 2009
Floor Statement
Rep. Maxine Waters [D-CA]: Mr. Chairman and Members, I would like to thank both the chairman and Mr. Frank, to make sure that we would work together to increase the coverage and raise the limit for flood insurance. It has not been increased for over 20 years.

I had the opportunity to be in the gulf coast region with my colleagues and to hear the stories of the people who had been devastated by Katrina. Not only did we find that there were residents who had been given mortgages and the banks and financial institutions had not required flood insurance but then this bickering with the insurance companies who were disputing damage. They said, no, it was not flood damage, it was wind damage, and vice versa.

I think this bill will go a long way toward dealing with some of the issues that we learned about.

Certainly, we want to make sure that the insurance companies are doing what they are supposed to do. My colleague from Mississippi, who will have an amendment, Mr. Taylor, on this floor today, I certainly support. I was there with him, and I saw the devastation and the destruction. We heard the complaints about the insurance companies.

Let me just say, in addition to raising the limit, this will go a little bit further, and it will deal with business interruption. It will help to meet the needs of those who are confronted and faced with this kind of devastation for the future.

Again, I would like to thank not only Mr. Baker and Mr. Frank but Mr. Oxley and Mr. Taylor for the work that he is doing.