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Congresswoman Waters: It is time for the Republicans to Work with us to Improve Obamacare

July 11, 2017
Press Release


July 11, 2017

Contact: Twaun Samuel or Rykia Dorsey

Phone: (202) 225-2201 


Congresswoman Waters:  It is time for the Republicans to Work with us to Improve Obamacare


WASHINGTON—Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43), Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement today regarding the status of Senate Republicans’ negotiations to pass a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act:


“After months of backroom negotiations, it is now clear that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is unable to bring together the various factions of the Senate Republican Conference to pass a bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, despite seven years of promises to the Republican Party’s base.  Meanwhile, the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act passed by the House is so bad for our country that Senate Republicans never seriously considered it. 


“In the weeks since the House passed its bill, public awareness has increased, and more and more of the Republicans’ constituents are realizing just how harmful these Republican repeal bills would be for working families.  According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, both the House and Senate bills would cause more than 20 million Americans to lose their health insurance.  Millions of others would have to pay more for less coverage.  Older Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 would be forced to pay premiums five times higher than what others pay for the same coverage.  Both bills eliminate essential health benefits and slash Medicaid by more than $700 billion.  Even Donald Trump called the House bill ‘mean,’ despite celebrating its passage with a White House ceremony.


“The Republicans have put themselves in a no-win position through their willingness to jeopardize the health care of millions of Americans in an effort to make good on wild and untenable promises about repealing and replacing Obamacare.  However, I believe that there are enough Senate Republicans who dare not return to their states with a damaging repeal bill that undermines their constituents’ access to health care – or eliminates it altogether.


“We must fight to maintain and improve Obamacare.  It is the only way to ensure quality health care for the American people.  Mitch McConnell may have indicated a willingness to improve Obamacare with his statement that some kind of action with regard to health insurance markets must occur if Republicans cannot agree on a replacement.  Democrats have said repeatedly that Obamacare is not perfect and we are willing to work together with our Republican colleagues to improve the law.  Let us hope the Republicans will finally come to their senses so we can pass bipartisan legislation to provide the very best health care that the American people deserve.”