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Book Fair Authors

July 30, 2009
Press Release

About the Authors

• Mr. Anthony Arnove – Mr. Arnove is the author of "Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal." His writing has appeared in The Financial Times, The Nation, L'Humanite, Le Nouvel Observateur, and other publications.

• Mr. James Bamford – James Bamford is a bestselling author and one of the country's leading writers on intelligence and national security issues.  Mr. Bamford has also written for many magazines, including investigative cover stories for The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine and The Los Angeles Times Magazine, and is a contributing writer for Rolling Stone.  He recently won the 2006 National Magazine Award for Reporting, the highest honor in the magazine industry.

• Mr. Kenneth Campbell -- Dr. Campbell served in the Marines after high school, serving as an artillery forward observer with a rifle company in Vietnam in 1968-1969 and earning eight medals, including the Purple Heart.  He was honorably discharged in 1970 and joined the antiwar movement, becoming a leader in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.  He also enrolled at Temple University and was awarded a B.A. in history in 1975 and in 1989 received a Ph.D. from Temple.  Currently, he serves as an associate professor of political science and international relations and director of the international relations program at the University of Delaware.

• Ms. Magetta Chantiloupe -- Ms. Chantiloupe was born in Jamaica, West Indies and now resides in San Diego, California. She spent 22 years in the securities and financial planning industries and is an emeritus Certified Financial Planner and Stock Broker.

• Mr. David J. Danelo – Mr. Danelo is the editor for U.S. Cavalry ON Point.  He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1998 and served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps for almost seven years. An Iraq war veteran, Mr. Danelo deployed to Camp Fallujah from Feb-Sept 2004, where he served with the First Marine Expeditionary.  At the end of 2004, Mr. Danelo left active duty to pursue a writing career.

• Mr. Aaron Glantz – Mr. Glantz is a reporter for Pacifica Radio and other media outlets. He has visited Iraq three times during the U.S. occupation, most recently during the elections in January of 2005. His work from Iraq has also been syndicated to newspapers around the world by Inter Press News Service.  In addition to Iraq, Mr. Glantz has also reported from Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, France, and Denmark.

• Ms. Kirsten Holmstedt -- Ms. Holmstedt is a graduate of Drake University's School of Journalism and the University of North Carolina Wilmington's master of fine arts program in creative nonfiction writing.  Ms. Holmstedt has spent the past twenty years writing for newspapers, business, academia, and magazines. Beginning in 2003, Ms. Holmstedt spent hundreds of hours interviewing female soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors for her book "Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq,"

• Mr. Paul Joseph – Professor Joseph is a professor at Sociology Department of Tufts University, specializing in the impact of social movements and other forms of public opinion on policy-making.  He also serves as the Director of the Peace and Justice Studies at Tufts.  He has published books on the Vietnam War, nuclear weapons policy, and the security debate after the end of the Cold War. 

• Mr. Christian Parenti – Mr. Parenti is a correspondent for The Nation and is author of "The Freedom: Shadows and Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq." He received a PhD in sociology from the London School of Economics in 2000 and has written two other books.

• Mr. John Prados – Mr. Prados is an analyst of national security based in Washington, DC. Mr. Prados holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University and focuses on presidential power, international relations, intelligence and military affairs. He is a senior fellow and project director with the National Security Archive. His current book is Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA (Ivan Dee Publisher). His articles and op-ed pieces have appeared widely, including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere.

• Mr. Paul Rieckhoff – Mr. Rieckhoff is the executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the first and largest organization for veterans of the War on Terror.  He served in Iraq and led his light infantry platoon on hundreds of combat patrols with the 3rd Infantry and 1st Armored Divisions. Mr. Rieckhoff was an infantry officer in Iraq from 2003-2004, and one of the first Iraq veterans to publicly criticize the war and demand accountability from elected officials.  He continues to serve his country as an Infantry Officer in the New York Army National Guard.

• Ms. Antonia Juhasz – Ms. Juhasz is a policy-analyst, author and activist living in San Francisco. She is a Visiting Scholar at the Washington, DC-based Institute for Policy Studies.  Ms. Juhasz is an expert on all aspects of international trade and finance policy with a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University, experience as a Legislative Assistant to two United States Members of Congress, including Congressman John Conyers, Jr.